Easter Morn' | Breakfast

What a great way to start off Easter! I woke up to Dillon cooking an awesome sauce breakfast, Red pepper and baked egg Galette. It was delicious! food is definitely one of my favorites so every once in a while I like taking a few food shots. It helps me to remember the deliciousness after I have eaten every bite :)  


Wanderlust | Travel Photography

Wanderlust: Noun: 1- A strong desire to travel. 2- Strong longing or impulse toward wandering. Traveling is so exciting, I love going somewhere I am not too familiar with and being able to explore. Spring Break just came to a close and I am longing for summer to be able to do just that, explore.

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." Saint Augustine.

Model: Makala Leigh \\ www.makalaleigh.com

Visit Makalaleigh.com to hear what her favorite things to pack are when traveling! 

Out of the zone | Provo, Utah

This week I was given a challenge which has been something I have always wanted to do but could never find the nerve to actually do it. The challenge was to walk around Provo or Orem and photograph a complete stranger, someone I have never met before. I absolutely loved it! I ran into this sweet girl who was willing to allow me to photograph her and told me a little about herself. Leaving my comfort zone has never felt so great! 

Makala Leigh |Portrait Photography

Man, can't Spring come any faster?! I cannot wait until Spring is here! The weather here in Utah has started to warm up and it has been beautiful. I was able to hang out with up and coming fashion blogger Makala Leigh and shoot some amazing pictures of her. The weather was nice and warm and the sun was out which made for beautiful photos, I can't wait to shoot some more with this pretty lady! keep an eye out for the launch of her new website!

Pearl & Co. | Business

I want to introduce you all to this lovely, creative woman who started a business out of her home here in Utah called Pearl & Co. making essentials for babies and moms. She makes the most adorable diaper clutches, blankets, pacifier clips, car seat covers, burp cloths etc. I had the opportunity to have a little tour of her cute work space and see what she does. It was fun to sit and talk with her about something she loves doing. Check out her work on Facebook or find her on Etsy you'll want to see all of her products and the cute fabrics she uses :) 

Family |Portrait Photography

This past weekend was lots of fun and we had a full house. Some of my husbands family and my family came to visit and one special person who was here was his Great Uncle, Tom. Tom recently moved from Huntington Beach, California to Cedar City, Utah it will be great having him so close to us and as you can imagine it has been a big adjustment moving from sunny weather to several feet of snow.  

Family Pictures | Portrait photography

I always get a little worried when I book shoots in the winter when it's snowing and the person wants to shoot outside. Here in Utah it just gets so dang cold so we get red cheeks and noses, shivers and some people just feel miserable. However! this family is amazing and were such troopers.  By looking at them you would have never thought it was freezing cold outside.  I am also so happy we were able to get such a fantastic photo of them with their beloved dog, Miso, who shortly passed away after these family pictures were taken. I am sure these photos will be treasured. 

Scars - Portrait Photography

This past fall I had begun a super exciting project, one that moves me and one that I hope inspires others. It all stemmed from my love of photography and why it is so special to me. Being able to document an individual and having it available for future posterity and others is something that I feel is very important. I spent some time getting to know these individuals and photographing them and their scars. I hope this project will help to encourage people to embrace their scars. They can help others overcome trials they may be going through or learn from others experiences. I am excited to meet new people as time goes on and to be able to help tell their story.

Scars remind us of the journeys we have gone on, our weaknesses and strengths, successes and failures and lessons we've learned. They tell our story.